Catholic Education Wodonga Vision

In Catholic Education Wodonga we believe that:

  • Catholic education in Wodonga is a living expression of the dynamic and evolving tradition of the Church.
  • Catholic schools exist as an integral part of the Church’s mission in the world.
  • Catholic schools exist as part of Parish and are intrinsically connected with each other.
  • Children have a right to education in the faith, and we have a responsibility to provide places for those who seek a Catholic education to the best of our ability.
  • Mutual respect, understanding and collaboration in the implementation of this policy are imperative.

St Augustine’s Identity Statement

St Augustine’s Catholic learning community is based on St Augustine’s call to be truly successful learners and creative individuals.

Graduate Outcomes

St Augustine’s endeavours to educate students who:

  • are developing a spiritual connection and an understanding of their faith.
  • are creative and engaged learners, taking risks and reflecting on their learning.
  • have sound literacy and numeracy skills.
  • are socially just, show compassion and have an awareness of environmental issues.
  • display positive behaviours and strong social skills creating and maintaining meaningful relationships.
  • are responsible global citizens who value and respect diversity.

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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