This learning area is concerned with the development of children’s physical, social and mental health. It makes a direct contribution to the ongoing quality of life for all children. It will enable children to lead healthy lives by teaching them to make informed decisions about what will effect their ongoing health, such as diet and exercise.

  • Teachers construct indoor and outdoor experiences to enable children to participate in and learn about healthy lifestyles.
  • Children study topics such as nutrition, safety and the human body. Students participate in regular physical education as well as organized sports time.
  • Bluearth is a specialised, inclusive, non-competitive approach to physical Education at our school and is highly regarded. The opportunity to participate in competitive and specialised sports is also provided as physical skills develop.
  • Sports equipment is provided and available for use by all students before, after and during the breaks at St Augustine’s.
  • The Life Education Van visits every two years to enhance student’s learnings in the area of Drug Education, positive personal relationships, their own growth and development and safe living practices.

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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