Enrolment Information

At St Augustine’s, our enrolment process is guided by Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd.’s Enrolment Framework.

You can read the Framework HERE.

Open Day

St. Augustine’s – Monday 27th March 2023

Tour Times – 9am – 4pm

Information Sessions – 10.30am & 2.30pm

Application Form

Download: St. Augustine’s Primary School Application Form

Submit School Application Form to enrol@sawodonga.catholic.edu.au

Primary School Enrolment Process





1 School enrolment information and Application for Enrolment form are available to parents/guardians. Application for Enrolment form Applications Open Now


Parents/guardians submit Application for Enrolment form.


Please read the Enrolment Framework (above this table) and Enrolment Policy (below this table) prior to submitting your application.

Application for Enrolment form Application for Enrolment forms due TBA.


We will notify parents/guardians if their child has received a PROVISIONAL offer of enrolment, via email, on TBA. Parents/guardians will be supplied with an Offer of Enrolment: Request for Information form to progress their PROVISIONAL offer. PROVISIONAL offers made TBA.





Parents/guardians can accept the PROVISIONAL enrolment by completing and returning the Offer of Enrolment: Request for Information form.

Parents/guardians who have been offered a PROVISIONAL enrolment will be supplied with an Offer of Enrolment: Request for Information form from the school.

Offer of Enrolment: Request for Information form Offer of Enrolment: Request for Information form due TBA.


The School will conduct enrolment interviews.

Parents/guardians will be advised about their interview date by TBA.

Interviews take place TBA.


The School will make final enrolment decisions based on the Enrolment Priority Criteria and notify parents/guardians.

If applications meeting the criteria exceed the places available, the school may establish a waiting list.

Final enrolment decision made in the week commencing TBA.


Parents/guardians whose child is offered a place at our School will receive an Enrolment Agreement form which they must sign and return by Friday 24th June..

An enrolment fee of $50 must also be paid by TBA.

The Enrolment Process is completed when the parent/guardian returns the signed Enrolment Agreement and pays the enrolment fee.

The Enrolment Agreement form The Enrolment Agreement form and enrolment fee must be submitted/paid by TBA.


We will confirm finalised enrolments via letter/email to parents/guardians after TBA.

Other Relevant Documents

(Catholic Education Wodonga Documents)

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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