At St Augustine’s Primary School we place a high importance on developing students’ literacy skills and knowledge to enable them to communicate effectively and creatively.

Our Literacy approach ensure that all students are involved in explicit direct instruction lessons targeting the Big 6 of Literacy –Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Oral Language. By using the effective and efficient procedure of an explicit direct instruction model, our teachers are able to enhance students’ learning in a systematic, direct, engaging and success orientated manner.

From Foundation to Year 6, students are taught the alphabetic code through a synthetic phonics approach. This approach ensures all students are developing their spelling, syllable and morphemic knowledge in a systematic and cumulative manner to greater support their ability to decode (read) and encode (write) words successfully.

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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