Educational Philosophy

At St Augustine’s we are committed to providing education for our students focussing strongly on English, Mathematics and Religious Education, complemented by other quality school programs and specialist staff.

In determining our curriculum, St Augustine’s responds to documents from AusVELS. AusVELS is the Foundation to Year 10 curriculum that provides a single, coherent and comprehensive set of prescribed content and common achievement standards, which schools use to plan student learning programs, assess student progress and report to parents.

Our Religious Education is based on the Source of Life core documents which have been set for the Sandhurst Diocese.   In Religious Education we believe in, and develop the knowledge that every child is important, valued and that all have something special to contribute to life. Each child has the right to live happily and achieve fullness of life with God – and to grow and learn in a community where Christian values are taught and modelled daily.

In English, the students focus on the key learning areas of Reading, Writing and Oral Language. This is done in a variety of ways including small group, whole group and partner activities. St Augustine’s caters for all students in their English journey, in a supportive yet challenging environment.

In Mathematics, the students learn about Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data and Working Mathematically. In order for the students to acquire the skills needed in maths, our classes are structured so that focus group teaching forms the basis of our practice. Skills are taught to target groups within the class so challenge is presented to all and the needs of individual students are met.

St Augustine’s offers specialist Music and L.O.T.E – French, programs on a termly basis with Art being taught all year. The sport program offered by St Augustine’s is primarily Bluearth. The purpose of BluEarth is to improve health and living by providing programs for the development and integration of body, mind and spirit through participation in physical activity. Students participate in these activities for 2 hours per week. All staff participate in Bluearth professional development.

Our Integrated Curriculum is based around the concept of Inquiry Learning. This process relies heavily on the students own insights into what the topic is, and allows them to nominate what they want to learn about a given topic.

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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