Catholic Identity at St Augustine’s

Religious Education is at the heart of Catholic Identity and is evident in all aspects of school life here at St Augustine’s, including our pastoral care and discipline, communication and interaction. It informs and influences all learning in the school and is integrated throughout the curriculum. Sending a child to a Catholic school involves supporting this religious aspect to school life.

At St Augustine’s the Gospel is central to our lives, and we regularly celebrate and demonstrate our faith. Working together with parents and our parish priests, we aim to give children a sound understanding of our Catholic doctrine, tradition and Gospel values and emphasise the importance of living out these values in our daily life.

Each class participates daily in the Religious Education curriculum program. This program is supported by the use of The Source of Life resource. The Religious Education curriculum brings together the essential components of knowledge, understanding, appreciation and celebration of our rich tradition. It provides the opportunities and the skills for young people to meet the challenges of living in the Catholic faith in today’s world. The curriculum is intended to complement the work of the parents and the parish in assisting with the life-long process of the religious education of the individual.

Prayer is also a vital and most significant part of classroom and school life. The celebration of the sacraments is an integral part of our Catholic identity. The sacraments of initiation (First Communion and Confirmation) are part of our parish program. Each class attends the Parish Mass on Thursday throughout the term. On special feast days and celebrations the children attend Mass as a whole school. Parents are encouraged to attend these Masses, and to join in our prayer at assemblies and liturgies. We also support parents in their role as the Primary Educators in faith and regularly offer opportunities to reflect on this important area.

The school is involved in a number of outreach programs supporting those in need in our local as well as global community. The work of the Mercy Leaders as well as Meals on Wheels and Bupa groups enhances the school response to educating our students about those less privileged as well as emphasising our responsibility as stewards of the earth.

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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