School Fees  and Govenrment Assistance

School Fees

Please find following a list of annual school fees.

Family Fee:

$1,882 per family

Student Fee: 


$631 per child


$660 per child

5/6 Including Camp

$1,450  per child

These fees incorporate tuition fees, other compulsory charges which include books, stationery and a maintenance fee.

Please note, children are required to provide a water drink bottle, an art smock and a library bag.

In addition to the above fees children in Grades 1-4 will be given excursion and incursion opportunities within school hours.

Children in Grades 5/6 are involved in a camp/sleep over during the year.

Funding of Victorian Catholic Schools

Nearly 73% of catholic schools income comes from the Government. The other 27% of income must be raised by donations, school fees, special grants and fund raising.

Background to CEW Fees

In meeting their financial responsibilities, all CEW schools are dependent on income from a number of sources.  The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria establishes guidelines for each school to raise a set amount per pupil.

The sources of this income are:

  1. Federal Government Grants
  2. State Government Grants
  3. School Fees
  4. Tuition levies
  5. School Community Fundraising
  6. Other Income – including donations from Parish, other donations and miscellaneous grants.

School Fees and Tuition Levies are set annually to make up the projected shortfall between Income and the Guidelines set by the CECV for Expenditure.  Income is distributed across the key areas of:

  1. Salaries
  2. Loan repayments
  3. Resources for learning
  4. Maintenance
  5. Capital Expenditure
  6. Utilities and Services

Schools are reliant on families paying school fees in order to meet their financial commitments.

Where Does The Money Go?

The money received from Government grants, donations or school fees is used to administer the whole school.  This includes paying staff, maintaining, refurbishing and building facilities, resourcing classes and enhancing learning.

CEW Building Fund

Donations to the CEW Building Fund may be claimed as a tax deduction.  Donations can be to CEW as a whole or can be nominated to your child’s school.

Fee Accounts

An account is forwarded to all families at the start of the school year for the full year’s school fees.  Statements are then forwarded throughout the year indicating the amount received to date and the outstanding balance.

Payment Options

Fees can be paid in several ways by direct debit weekly, fortnightly or monthly, or payment in full by 31st March.  Payments can also be made by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS in the school office

All fee accounts must be settled in full by 30th November each school calendar year.

Fee Assistance

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please make an appointment to discuss your situation with the Principal.  Please note that we cannot provide assistance unless we are aware of your needs.

Government Assistance

State Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is available to students aged up to 16 whose parents or guardians hold a current Health/Pension Card.  Applications are made twice a year, at the beginning of Terms 1 and 3.

Conveyance Allowance is a Victorian State Government Grant.  To be eligible to receive a Conveyance Allowance, a student must live more than 4.8km by the shortest practicable route from the nearest school attended.  Applications are made once a year, at the beginning of Term 1.

For further details on the above government assistance, please contact the school office.

Democratic Principles

St. Augustine's Primary School adheres to the principles of Australian democracy.

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